Development Area Rudloffstraße

Rudloffstraße, 27568 Bremerhaven
Project description

The basic idea of the project is to continue the urban development of Bremerhaven to the north following the successful completion of the new tourism resort and urban quarter “Havenwelten” and to revitalize the Rudloff quarter, which has been developed in an uncoordinated manner for decades, in the sense of sustainable development.

The existing district is closely linked to the historical development of the ports in Bremerhaven and offers an excellent opportunity for densification and further development to a new, urban quarter with the following elements

  • Housing and Living
  • Work
  • Culture
  • Leisure, Sports and Recreation

while retaining various historically distinctive elements

Key Data
  • Total Size: (Gross): 29 ha
  • Variety of land in private ownership
  • City of Bremerhaven
  • The municipal housing company STÄWOG
  • Bremerhaven development company Alter / Neuer Hafen mbH & Co. KG (BEAN)
Transport links
  • Highway A27: 2,5 km
  • Main Road B212: 1 km
  • Central Station: 3,5 km
  • Public Transport: 4 bus lines
  • September 2016: Decision of the city council to draw up a development plan
  • Mai 2017: Citizens bring ideas to the Vision/ Future Workshop Rudloffstraße
  • Juli 2017: Documentation of the Future Workshop published - The approximately 60-page documentation is available at
  • On the property "Old Fire Station" currently a B&B hotel and a supermarket arise.
  • August 2019: The results of the urbanistical survey and analysis were discussed with the citizens
  • End of 2021: the framework of development planning ist available
  • 2022 beginning of the developemnt planning process

Your contact persons

Ute Bartels

BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH