Industrial area Luneort/Reithufer

27572 Bremerhaven
Key Data
  • Overall size (gross): 80 ha
  • Timer industry, (Offshore) Wind Energy Industry, logistics
  • Properties in close distance to the heavy load port Labradorhafen and road connection for heavy goods transports: particular suitable fort large-scale plant construction
  • Simplified permission process für heavy load transports from the industrial area tot he port Labradorhafen
  • Excellent connection to the german inland waterways network
Usage structure
  • Industrial area (GI), Business Park (GE), limitations in noise emissions
  • The development plans (No. 136, 429) are legally binding.
Key figures
  • Site coverage factor (GRZ): 0,8
  • Cubic Index (BMZ): 10,0
Transport links
Highway A 27 3,5 km
Main road B71 / B6 0,4 km
Local public transport connections 0,3 km
Main Station Bremerhaven 6 km
Sea port Labradorhafen 0,5 km
Container terminals, Oversea ports 9 km
International airport Bremen 60 km
Regional airport Nordholz 36 km

The ground rent is currently 2,52 €/m²/p.a.
A leasehold contract can be concluded with a duration of 30-60 years, depending on the size of an investment.


State of Bremen


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Nina Neustadt

Fischereihafen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

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Fischereihafen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
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27572 Bremerhaven